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an announcement moments ago about a cease-fire deal the demands hamas stops launching launching rockets into israel while the israelis call them into the airstrikes on the gaza strip. but from what we have seen right now, it could get uglier before better, and that is where we begin this hour of "america live." welcome, i am megyn kelly. 2:00 p.m. eastern time. following days of relentless attacks by hamas and a bus bombing in the city of tel aviv. at this moment, we are getting reports of rockets flying from the gaza strip into israel. let's get to leave until -- leland vittert. reporter: we are certainly
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further along towards the cease-fire than when we talked last night. everything fell apart and the wheels came off. there has been an announcement of a broader agreements between hamas and israel. the israelis, the number one thing they wanted was an end to the rocket. that is the very key thing for the israeli people. the israelis and jihad and other organizations, egypt is being held responsible by the united states and the entire world for the rockets coming out of the gaza strip, if there are any. another point to make is that there is going to be a cessation attempts to stop the weapons smuggling that is coming from egypt into the gaza strip. if you look at this live, there is a faint glow and rocket interceptor that went out. the school has now burned out. but we are not at the point of the cease-fire agreement as of yet. that will come in about 58
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minutes. you just heard the boom from the rocket interception overhead of the gaza strip. here is what to look for in the next 50 minutes. there is going to be heavy fire, as we traditionally see, where everyone lights off as many rounds as they can. israel has been hitting a lot of targets behind me in the gaza strip and going forward, there will be 12 or 24 hours for it to take effect. it takes a while for everyone to get the memo to stop firing. this is a big moment for mohammed morsi. a couple of years ago he was part of the outlawed muslim brotherhood. president obama, and not only that, but netanyahu have talked about the key egyptian rule and president morsi's role in this. the only other wild-card going forward is the iranian backers,
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specifically islamic jihad inside gaza. hamas does not control all of them, and there is a reasonable chance that iran will put pressure on those groups to break the cease-fire would try to put it on tender hooks for a while to flex their muscles with the israelis. megyn: leland vittert live with breaking news. we will be back with breaking news as the show progresses. in the past 24 hours, hillary clinton met with the palestinian president and the egyptian egyptian leadership who has been mediating between israel and hamas. ahead, we will take a closer look at the role of the cease-fire talks and where this could go from here and what happens if it is not honored and it falls apart. monica crowley joins me live coming up next. important at the numbers in the economic realm.
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drought fueled by uncertainty over the approaching fiscal cliff and tax increases. the jobs report shows the number of people filing for an employment fell to 410,000. the labor department says those numbers are still skewed because of superstorm sandy. the four-week average was a less volatile measure rose to 10,000. and hostess heads to bankruptcy court unable to reach an agreement with the bakers union. last week the company closed its plans after 42 years. some 18,000 plus people will likely lose their jobs. word of the impending liquidation caused a run on hostess products. another union action that could affect you is planned black friday protests. wal-mart filed a complaint with the national relations boards
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and picketers are mostly union representatives who are trying to force changes in pressure workers and get unionization where they have failed thus far. the liberal group has sent out hundreds of e-mails encouraging people who have nothing to do with wal-mart stage a protest outside the stores. you know, stores across the country. but the labor board, the agency that is supposed to mediate these disputes, they say that it's not going to make any decision until after thanksgiving. of course, wal-mart will be open on thanksgiving night, which is the beginning of black friday. joining me now is steve hayes and a fox news contributor. he is a senior economic writer for "the wall street journal." so the nlrb, they are apparently -- they find this too confusing and complex to get into court, which generally is closed on
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thanksgiving. it is a federal holiday. they can't seem to make up their mind whether they want to help wal-mart until thanksgiving day at the earliest. steve hayes, you tell me whether politics are at play here. >> i think what they will say is that usually takes 30 days or more to go over these kind of complaints. this is more complex than usual, so they can't render a decision within a two or three day period i think if you look at the plain facts of the case, it is the fact that you have them refusing to step in as a union group that is trying to, in effect, push these wal-mart employees to unionize. the united food and commercial workers union. 1.4 million wal-mart employees across the country. i think the union would like those employees to be part of their union to join their union
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and it could mean billions of dollars in revenue. megyn: that will give them a lot of union dues. just a caviar, they do get 30 days to review these complaints unless there are circumstances and wal-mart can make the case that they need a ruling immediately to protect the customers in the business. it seemed to be expected that this was one of those instances. but they still had the kick that around. the questions are does the unit has to step in right away or do they not like wal-mart and the way they treat their employees? in which case they don't have to act hastily. what are your thoughts on this? >> i think the answer is a little of both. i am surprised that you are surprised by this. after all, we have essentially a labor government. it is not a surprise that
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president obama had a first person that he met with was richard trumka. what is interesting about this tactic is the economic implications of it. i call it the twinkie of wal-mart. in recent weeks and months, we have seen companies that have heavy unionization are not doing well and that is why hostess had to go bankrupt. this is like an economic, costly effort by the union to try to bring wal-mart to its knees. steve hayes is right. this is a company that employees had are 1.2 million workers. black friday is the biggest day of the year. this is like asking the nfl to strike and not play the super bowl. megyn: that is the question. when wal-mart went to the nlrb, they said what they are doing is promoting attempted mass disruptions of wal-mart's customer shopping experience. there is a question about supporting the union's cause,
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whether that is the way to win over the hearts and minds. >> this is what makes it so interesting. i think that all parties would agree that it is an attempt to make a splash, especially to kill some business on this busiest day of the entire year. the real question is what is the likely impact of that? is the impact is to get wal-mart workers on the side of the union or would-be union, it may have some effect. if it is to make a broader case, and i think the intervention for mass protest would suggest that it might be that, we'll really have that effect? will it anger or upset potential customers who don't want to go through the hassle of walking through these union protests or decide it is not worth it and don't even show up. if that was the case, i think that they might have the inverse effect.
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megyn: the union has been fighting a pr battle for a long time. it happens with targeting executives that they don't like. those things don't necessarily help the union. what can be more american than go out to shop on black friday? you know, every year, we have people storming wal-mart and people get hurt because it gets crowded. the last thing they need is more bodies. more bodies picketing back and forth, parking their cars around and creating chaos for people to go out usually with their children. >> that's exactly right. as i said, this is the biggest shopping day of the year. the american people love wal-mart. they love shopping for low prices. and they are is no government program that has done more to help poor people and wal-mart by providing low-priced products that they can afford. steve hayes is right. this is part of a bigger picture. we are going to be doing this story a week after week.
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the unions want a big election. they are sporting for a fight and i think they are going to see this recurring a week after week in 2013 because of the very receptive white house that is not going to have been on the intervene in these cases and they are going to try to bully the employers. megyn: if this was the administration of george w. bush, we would like to know how it would come down as well. the president gets to appoint that. [talking over each other] >> wouldn't be a great thing if some of these people, if they actually got a job? megyn: they say that they are trying to help the folks have better pay. i have to say, wal-mart provided me with a 12-dollar sweater when my luggage got lost for the vice presidential debate. megyn: the agency is now
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offering a directive and that is not satisfying the watchdog that is not satisfying the watchdog since it is to keep crucial information from the public eye and shield them from knowing that it is the administrator who is behind the information being exchanged. we will speak with a lawmaker who is very worried about this conduct coming up next. and putting hard numbers to a health care warning that we have heard for a time now. america is on the brink of a doctor shortage. mike siegel takes us deeper into the growing number of patients and the dwindling number of doctors. we will also show you how 3500 years of history has been destroyed in a record amount of time. the worst vandalism ever as called by trace gallagher. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age.
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it has more of 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
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of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant that's her "huge savings" face. yeah. don't worry, i get it all the time. [ male announcer ] we guarantee our low prices. even our black friday prices are backed by ad match. the first and only place to go this black friday. walmart. megyn: a fox news alert.
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the holiday rush to get to grandma's is on all across the country today in places like chicago and denver. travelers are trying to make it home in time for thanksgiving. more than 43 million americans are expected to journey 50 miles or more between today and sunday. that means some travelers are changing dinner plans to saturday when making travel cheaper and avoid the crowds. updates on airport and whether in just a little bit. in washington, new challenges today to policy fbp eight that has government watchdogs worried about the free flow of information and the disclosure to the public, which has a right to know. lawmakers now demanding a full investigation in the allegations that the administrator of the epa, lisa jackson, has used private e-mail accounts under a fake name and in her case, a different gender, one corresponding with other government officials. the question is whether that is obfuscating or impeding the
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public ability to monitor her communications which we are entitled to do. congressman andy harris is the chairman of the science and environment subcommittee. thank you for being here, mr. chairman. you are among the lawmakers who are unhappy with this use of the name richard windsor. to conduct official business. epa says this is no big deal, people have been doing this since president bush was president and you're making much ado about nothing? >> is very worrisome that lisa jackson felt that she had to use a pseudonym to communicate with other people in the government, knowing full well that congress and their oversight ability would be requesting records of official e-mail. megyn: they say that the richard windsor, and why did she use that name? they claim that the name came from a family dog.
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[laughter] megyn: they treated it like they would treat a lisa jackson e-mail when a public makes a freedom of information request. >> it's very confusing. my dogs name is reagan, that's not the e-mail that i use. we all have something that is easily recognizable. we don't have upper-level officials looking over these things. i'm not sure how widely it is known that richard windsor is lisa jackson of the epa. megyn: the reporting is that this is causing some confusion. because when you request a record from the epa, it is not necessarily being identified as belonging to lisa jackson. other agencies, when they get requests may have to produce an e-mail, do they disclose the
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head of the epa? are they making it more confusing and less transparent for the american people than they should? >> there can be no other reason to use that kind of pseudonym. lisa jackson had been the subject of many freedom of information things and rightfully so. because what the epa is doing to american businesses and farmers, we want to get to the bottom of it again. oversight is our constitutional part of congress and this is impeding oversight. megyn: they say that they do this because they put out lisa jackson's actual e-mail address. folks out there can write nasty or nice e-mails if they want here. and they say that she could get no business done it for e-mail just remains that cluttered. so she uses that want to deal with the public and she uses richard windsor to talk to people within the agency.
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>> there are many variations you can have that she could have used that would be recognized. again, richard windsor -- it's a different gender, it's not recognizable to anyone. that kind of confusion can only have one purpose, and that is to obfuscate our investigations and oversight into the epa. megyn: could there be a violation of federal law? that prohibits the use of private e-mail accounts unless there are procedures in place to ensure that they are tracked appropriately, stored appropriately, and disclosed appropriately upon appropriate demands. >> that is what our committee is looking into. we want to know if this is appropriate and at all these things are being done over at the epa. i suspect that they are not. again, it's taking a long time
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for the epa to fulfill the freedom of information requests. this is one of the reasons why. megyn: all this got started because a private group sued them about nonpublic e-mail accounts and that was reportedly ignored and unanswered. then you guys wade in and haven't been able to get answers yet either. we will see how it plays out. thank you for being here. megyn: well, priceless rock carvings that have survived more than 3500 years are now defaced and stolen. by a group of thieves. we will show you what happened and who they think is behind it. and a heavy barrage of rocket launchers. three minutes away
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megyn: a fox news alert. we are looking at the border between israel and gaza. you can't see much here, but moments ago we did see a barrage of rockets launched from gaza and return fire from israel. both sides announced a cease-fire deal that is supposed to take place in the next 35 minutes. now we are being told that we are 10 minutes away from an announcement by the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu. what can we expect from him, and what is going on at the border as they ramp up the attacks in advance of stopping them? leland vittert is alive near the gaza border now. reporter: megan, you might call this the storm before the calm. what we are seeing is heavy rocket fire headache this direction over our heads. seven or eight rockets launched.
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there was at least one direct hit on the house. thirty-five minutes, about five to 10 minutes before the prime minister, benjamin netanyahu is expected to give a press conference. having a joint press conference together. you can expect both sides to claim victory. right there we had to marvel go out. that would probably be heading towards a town where three people were killed just a couple of days ago. part of this deal is going to be trying to stop the weapons smuggling and islamic jihad by iran to egypt. egypt is agreeing to put an end to some of the smuggling and that would have a significant effect on keeping the cease-fire. other organizations won't have
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the weaponry they have hearty breed to stop watching these rockets. unfortunately at a time like this, you have all the analysis and conversation and then you have to wait and see if all goes quiet on the southern front. local time, 2:00 p.m. in new york the one keep us posted. we will go back as the news warns. the cease-fire announcement comes on the same day that we saw a rare bus bombing in tel aviv earlier this morning. air strikes on gaza, the weeklong fighting has reportedly killed more than 140 palestinians. five israelis and wounded many more. attempts to kill have numbered from one in those figures would suggest. in the meantime, the obama administration has commended israel for agreeing to the egyptian cease-fire proposal which was announced after delivery clinton met with egyptian leaders. what happens if it doesn't hold? and what is really happening here politically?
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monica crowley is a radio talk show host in the middle east and kiersten powers is a columnist. both are fox news contributors. i want to start with you, monica, because you know a lot about the middle east. usually you don't send the secretary of state over until you are pretty close to a deal. now it appears a deal has been reached. it was reported earlier that it was unusual for the israelis to agree to a cease-fire on the day of a bus bombing. when the attack had been ramped up to that level. nonetheless, they have done it. he spoke with him directly to encourage him to take the deal and he has. but what you think is going on? >> time will tell as to the durability of this cease-fire. time always does tell in the middle east and a breakdown sooner rather than later. we shall see. but you are right. jennifer is right to say that the israelis, i am sure, were under a lot of pressure to agree
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to a cease-fire because we just had this major bombing on the bus in tel aviv. it would probably be against benjamin netanyahu's interest to agree to a deal today. i'm sure he would've liked to have responded and retaliated for this particular event today. but that being said, it is interesting that the secretary of state herself has intervened other request of the president. she flew from asia to do this. her reputation and negotiating abilities, her entire strength is now online. if this does fall apart soon, then her own legitimacy is at stake. megyn: it was her swan song. she is leaving the administration and it's not sticking around for a second term. is that true? if the cease-fire falls apart, and we have not, in fact, achieve peace in the middle east, is anyone going to hold that against hillary clinton?
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>> i mean, i'm going to have to disagree with monica on this one. i don't think her legitimacy is at stake. but i do think that this has been something that's been going on for such a long time. so many people have tried to solve this crisis and i don't think people are going to hold it against hillary clinton if the cease-fire does not hold. the fact that she should have been able to play a role in this, as you pointed out, that we have been able to have a cease-fire, which i think was the best outcome despite this bombing. it really speaks well to her. but i do not think that anyone can expect that hillary clinton or any other person is going to be able to solve the larger issue at hand in the short term. megyn: here is a wacky question for you. yesterday we have a lot of reporting that what israel was doing in response to the rocket attacks, they took out hamas and the military leader, there were numerous reports that what was
10:31 am
really going on here, israel was starting to take out some of the military capacity of hamas in advance of what it views as a potential war with iran. and if they could hurt the military capability of hamas, then potentially do the same, it could free them up to take on the new facilities and decrease this response. why would israel do not have wanted this war to continue longer than a week? >> you raise an interesting part of the equation. i think that is absolutely part of what is going on. if you take a step further back than that and you try to piece together what really happened here, i happen to think that iran, through hamas, launched this offensive against israel. they started it with the launching of the rockets into
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israel and they actually started this to test israel and see what israel's response would be and see what the response times would be and also remember that israel invokes the iron dome, which worked very effectively in this case. do not think for one second that iran wasn't watching that. ron has all of this additional information about israel's best antimissile weapons system and technology and capability. so iran now has that information there is a reason why they didn't activate from the northwest moscow from the south. that is because hezbollah has thousands of more rockets than hamas does in the south. iran needs that as a deterrent it and should israel go against iran and the nuclear weapons system. all of these moving parts are in
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play. megyn: kiersten, what are your thoughts on what is happening in our white house? this comes on the heels on which we saw serious questions being raised about the egyptian president. he comes up from the muslim brotherhood, that turned out not to be the case. they won it. and that is not particularly, you know, a pro-west group. whether mohammed morsi goes along with that, he stepped in to broker this peace deal and egypt plays a critical role. they are funding the weaponry through egypt into hamas into the gaza strip. so does he look like a hero reign or is he doing something behind the scenes? what are the risks to president obama in being too laudatory of mohammed morsi here? >> what i find interesting is that we just got done with the presidential hearing about how barack obama hated israel. how he was not backing of israel
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on anything and if you care about israel, don't vote for barack obama. when push comes to shove, he has good by israel all the way. so i think that people who want that outcome in terms of how the president should be acting should be very happy with them. i am more on the side of being an honest broker between both sides. before the people who want him to just take the israel mind, that is essentially what he has done and i have always found these criticisms the claim that he is anti-israel, i do not understand them because he has stood with them except on one issue, which is to stop building settlements, which seems like an obvious thing. so i think that he has politically, because the u.s. is such a pro-israel country, he is in a good position. megyn: yesterday they refuse to
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condemn turkey statement. calling israel a bunch of terrorists. she was asked why don't you condemn not. she said she's not going to get in a match between the allies. >> exactly, they are in the middle of trying to negotiate a cease-fire and what benefit is there for them to attack turkey? you know, these are silly games that people play. it doesn't mean that they agree with what turkey has said. it just means that they have to work with turkey and they want to bring them over to help support them, solving this problem and instead, we have everybody focusing on why can you criticize them publicly. is that the obama administration really believes in this. >> i'm going to resist the urge to choke on attacking turkey. on the day before thanksgiving. but i really want to talk to
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jennifer griffin. she has one with breaking news. >> hello, i think it is interesting to note that in this last 30 minutes before the cease-fire is to take effect, we are seeing this spasm of violence coming out of the gaza strip. the rockets that are being reported fired from the gaza strip. as having seen a number of these is fire agreements go into effect and not last in the past, in previous years when i lived in israel, one concern i have with how this agreement has been put together is that it really gives a great deal of power to islam is jihad or the popular resistance committee or any single one individual who has decided to fire from the gaza strip into israel. >> let me just stop you there.
10:37 am
for those of us that are not familiar, what you mean that gives power to islamic jihad? some people think who wants to give them any power whatsoever? >> well, what you had is in and part of this agreement, egypt must, egyptian president must halt all hostilities. any single bit of gunfire, rocket fire, missile fire, coming out of gaza will cause this agreement fell apart. that is like drawing a line in the sand saying that anybody with a weapon in the gaza strip could basically scuttle this agreement. we all know that there are certain players in the gaza strip that take their orders not from egypt or hamas but from iran. the temptation is often for these players to try to provoke
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israel into reactions. this is an old game that we have witnessed over and over in the dynamic between the israelis and the palestinians. so i have a sense from talking to diplomatic sources that israel is in a wait-and-see mode. they realize they might have to go in on the ground to deal with some of these longer-range rockets that have been provided to the gaza people by iran. one has a 45-mile range and can reach israel and tel aviv. they are saying, fine, if you want to send the secretary of state, and she thinks that the palestinian authority on the one hand to not take their decision to push for statehood to the u.n. on november 28, that is why secretary of state clinton met with barack obama earlier today, if you think you can get them to control the thoughts and so
10:39 am
there is no more rocket fire out, then we won't send him those roundtrips. but this is a very tenuous agreement at best at the way the different parties and what they have agreed to. megyn: you make it sound like an egg shell -- an egg shell peas. even those who call themselves jihadist can crack themselves by one gunshot and the deal is off. benjamin netanyahu is going to speak momentarily, so we will find out when the english translation will come. earlier you reported that it was unusual for israel to agree to a peace deal like this on a day in which a bus attack happened in tel aviv. when you say that? >> well, i think it's very unusual. that is a position of weakness. if you have a situation where a bomb has gone off on a bus in tel aviv, the first time there's been a terror attack since 2006
10:40 am
in tel aviv, the first bus bombings since 2004 in tel aviv, that is usually something that would require a response from the israeli military. they believe that they have a necessary response to something like that. but right now you have hamas, who has not taken responsibility for that and they say that they were responsible for that bombing, but there was praise and celebration in gaza as a result of that. then you have a few hours later, israel has agreed to a cease-fire. that is going to be read in the palestinian areas is a victory for the extremists. >> having spent so much time there, who could forget the video we have of you live. do you have any sense of why benjamin netanyahu would've done that? >> i believe that there was a sense of urgency that related to
10:41 am
the secretary of state of writing. when i was at the state department yesterday, her aides were saying that she was not going with any proposal but sent as an emissary by the president. when there is a great deal of concern on the u.s. side that the israelis were going to enter gaza on the ground and that was going to lead to a great deal of casualties on both sides. so the secretary of state, she arrived and hamas said it was willing to agree to a cease-fire. we believe as of 2:00 p.m. yesterday that they threw the egyptians had agreed to a cease-fire and then we heard that was on hold because secretary the secretary clinton had not met with the parties yet. this was delayed by a full 24 hours. when you have a secretary of state arrived in jerusalem, meet with the prime minister, it is very rare for the secretary of state to go away empty-handed.
10:42 am
it would be considered almost root for the israelis not to agree to whatever it was that she tried to cobble together and the fact that it's thanksgiving in the states. we heard from her yesterday that she was planning to be home and was planning to leave egypt late today. so there was a sense of urgency, i think, that was not necessarily relevant or related to the actual situation on the ground. jenna: megyn: we used to have trials before juries and they would be deliberating and a federal holiday would come along and it would come to a verdict because thanksgiving comes whether you have a verdict or not. great reporting. so helpful to talk to you. i would like to give my thanks to kirsten and monica as well. after the break, we will see what benjamin netanyahu has to say. how does he explain that and how
10:43 am
to see fraser. how tenuous is this? we will talk about it and we will watch with what the prime minister says. we will also bring you a new study that suggests america is on the brink of a major doctor shortage. doctor marc siegel takes us into the quickly growing number of patients and the decreasing numbers of physicians and how that could put a strain on the president's health care plan. a little less than 30 years ago, a beloved thanksgiving speech about the one thing americans should be thankful for. today, his son joins us to tell us how that one thing may be slipping away from millions. >> americans have many things for which to be thankful, but none is more important than our liberty. liberty. the quality of government and brightness of mind and the spirit that the pilgrim fathers braved the disease through two
10:44 am
centuries of americans laying down their lives.
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megyn: a fox news alert. breaking news on two stories. we are awaiting a news conference from benjamin netanyahu regarding this inspired deal expected to begin in less than 20 minutes between israel and hamas. as we get news on that, we will bring it to you. at the same time, this is just breaking. the "chicago tribune" is reporting that jesse jackson junior is about to announce his resignation. the embattled congressman ran for reelection, although barely had to run. he was elected easily despite numerous problems. he was accused of trying to buy a senate seat and improperly spending funds on his house. he disappeared for several weeks and longer. then he went to the mayo clinic and they said he was suffering from some illness. when he got reelected he said he would be serving his constituents and then there were
10:48 am
reports that he was negotiating a plea deal that won a disability payments in exchange for that. all of this has been in the news in recent days and weeks. now we have a report from the "chicago tribune" that he is about to resign. we will have that news for you at the top of the hour is a reporter is getting ready to bring you the details. in the meantime, we would like to get to this. a new study pointing to a looming and potentially deadly public health care crisis threatening nation. the u.s. is set to face a shortage of primary care doctors. we have doctor marc siegel and associate professor of medicine at lingo medical center. how long have you been warning about this? you said that the health care law is not going to help. the study says that we are going to be about 8000 short and to the health care and the insurance expansion, which i think they are talking about
10:49 am
obamacare. and 10,000 short due to population growth. we are talking about almost 20,000 short? >> 30,000 short because of population expansion. we are expecting 15% more people in the united states by 2025. 10,000 more short because of the aging population. baby boomers going over to medicare and an additional eight to 10,000 because of obamacare. we are talking over 50,000 primary care doctors short. primary care doctors, doctors like me, general practitioners, pediatricians, that is all considered primary care. people walk in the door and say i don't feel well. we take care of 50% of the doctors visits but only one third of the doctors are in the united states, there are only 200,000 of us. what are we going to do with all the shortages? my answer is nurse practitioners and physician's assistants assistants are going to try to fill the void. 50,000 nurse practitioners taking care of patients.
10:50 am
you are going to end up having to see a nurse practitioner or you will have to go to a hospital. megyn: my apologies, we need to get to benjamin netanyahu who is speaking now. >> translator: allow the situation to settle and the citizens of israel to get back to the daily life. with this, it is clear that israel cannot sit with the armed against the enemies of the weapons. therefore, i have agreed with president obama together with the united states, we will fight against these weapons of terror, most which come from the day that israel was created, we have had to face these things. in the last years, this
10:51 am
situation has become worse. these conditions have take into account all of the balance. we have put in a lot of armed power together with the balance of the diplomatic. the army is ready and we may need it. but one thing is right that the state of israel has to try to achieve a cease-fire that will be continuous. it is my responsibility to do the correct things to maintain
10:52 am
our security and during the last week, this includes the sacrifices in israel. i spoke to the defense minister and barack obama and also mr. lieberman, and i wish to say thank you to all of the cabinets who, in each one of them has done what he has been able to for the sake of israel. i also think the opposition for their support. the chief of staff, and all of
10:53 am
the people for their great actions and achievements and i give thanks. also to the air force and the people from information and the security forces and all of the reserves who have left their homes to be ready. i say to you, people of israel, that we have a strong armed forces and a strong people, and i am proud to be your prime minister.
10:54 am
megyn: now we have hosni mubarak live from jerusalem. >> translator: the operation of the pillar of cloud to achieve a cease-fire. it is the army has achieved the following achievements, a significant lessening of the possibility of hamas to destroy their weapons and maximum disruption of hamas and minimum harm to the palestinian people. what we set out to do has been to build completely by hamas and
10:55 am
we have suffered and the senior officers have been killed. 130 dead. more than 1300 have been heads. megyn: getting a bit of a rundown on how the violence has unfolded over the past week with a 120 plus casualties on the palestinian side. five on the israeli side. in fairness, the attempts to kill the israelis are far outnumbered by five. i also want to tell you that you heard benjamin netanyahu saying that the cease-fire would need to be continuous. it is back to the eggshell that jennifer griffin was telling us about. if anybody apparently do something to try to break it, even if it is not from an
10:56 am
organized government group coming out of gaza, we will try to get to the bottom of what this means and whether it is likely to be sustained, but we want to get to leave embittered who has been live along the israel and gaza border. what we have heard, tell us what is happening live? >> right now we are still hearing rocket fire come out as minister prime minister netanyahu was speaking. there was some significance to that leading up to the cease-fire. we were seeing the very same storm before the calm that had existed. we had dozens of rockets by out to all others in israel. be alert. we heard this overhead, the israeli drones. we are about five minutes before the spire and in any of these
10:57 am
situations, it takes a couple of hours for the cease-fire to take effect and for it to be able to hold. clearly, we are getting indications from both sides and from hamas and islamic jihad, that they certainly want to hold the cease-fire. what is interesting as is you are watching the political maneuvering out of this, both israel and hamas are declaring victory. hamas said they deterred the israeli ground but there are tens of thousands of israeli troops and armed camps set up in these fields ready to move into gaza. that is not going to happen. that is clearly a very significant moment for both the israelis and hamas. we are watching this as both sides say that they won this round. the clear around is if they have figured out a way to truly stop the rocket in the 90 days leading up to the israeli election. that happened towards the end of january. and you saw just how much the
10:58 am
israelis were thanking the united states and also president morrissey for his help in brokering this cease-fire. the israelis are realizing that the strategic map is very different and they are trying to build their coalition. the thing that the israeli people are going to take away is that they are going to come back from their homes. many of them have left town. there were more than 1000 rockets fired out of gaza into all of these towns. we get many stories on the iron dome that have saved countless lives in israel. but it was not perfect. multiple rockets fired at the same place, a lot of people who are going to be able to sleep at night without those air raid sirens going off. i can tell you having been woken up by them every night for the past seven or eight nights, that is something to truly be if this cease-fire holds and you just heard a few more booms.
10:59 am
we don't know if those are outgoing or incoming or from which side. but if this cease-fire hold. four rockets heading out of southern gaza out towards either the town along the border it will be a significant moment for ehud barak and benjamin netanyahu that they were able to bring hamas to end the rocket fire for as long as it hold. it's more than a cease-fire. it's an agreement endorsed about it egyptians and americans. megyn: leland. thank you. our secretary of state hillary clinton is en route back home. our president barack obama said we'll intensifying our efforts to help israel with its security
11:00 am
needs, especially with respect to the smuggling of weapons into gaza, saying he will use his best efforts to get additional money for israel's iron dome system which has been so protective of israel on the many rocket attacks we have seen. plenty more and what happens right now that we are at 2:00 eastern time. the cease-fire is officially on paper at least in effect. for those of i just joining us, this cease-fire has been agreed to now between israel and hamas. and it goes into effect right now. brand-new hour here of "america live." welcome, i'm megyn kelly. we are getting brand-new reaction from the white house as we wait to see if rockets will stop firing. it doesn't normally happen like that. but it decrease. the cease-fire deal reached with secretary of state hillary clinton a short time ago in an effort to end the bloody clash in gaza following days of
11:01 am
relentsless attacks and a bus bombing this morning i the city of tel aviv which does take it to another level. you heard jennifer griffin talking about how. ed henry is live at the white house. >> reporter: the president was on the phone today with the president of egypt mohamed morsi. and we are told by white house officials that basically prime minister netanyahu only agreed to this cease-fire after the conversation with president obama in which president obama directly said that the u.s. will seek additional funding for iron dome, that important missile defense system has played a critical role throughout this conflict in terms of protecting is rail. also noting the white house says the president promised to help seek money for other missile defense systems in addition to
11:02 am
iron dome. secretary clinton is on her way back to the united states for the thanksgiving holiday. she just wrapped up 11 days overseas. several countries. she started out in say shah but had to be redirected to the middle east. bouncing back and forth between jerusalem and egypt. on the question you mentioned about these rockets being smuggled from iran to gaza that was mentioned by the white house, and the president promised prime minister netanyahu that the u.s. is trying to do something about this. three republican senators just also put out a statement pressing the egyptian president morsi about the fact that these rockets are being smuggled in part through egyptian territory. to go from iran on to hamas. in addition to the white house saying they are keeping an eye on this. you have republicans who have threatened to cut off aid to egypt unless they play a more
11:03 am
positive role in this situation. saying they want to put pressure on president morsi to make sure egypt stops the spread of these weapons. megyn: gaza has to get its weapons from somewhere and they have been shipped through egypt for a long time. we are being told the lethality and the volume has significantly increased. so there is a question about where president morsi stands and whether he will crack down on those shipments or not. it was a much different story under the old leadership and hosni mubarak. and now there are a lot of questions about mr. morsi and where he really stands and with whom he's really allied. president obama, he said during the campaign that he wouldn't -- he raised the question about whether egypt was still an ally. then today he said the report
11:04 am
was that he reaffirmed our close partnership with egypt, and what news do you make of that? what are they trying to tell us with that statement? >> they may be trying to send a signal. it was only two months ago in a television interview the president was asked whether he considered egypt an ally and he suggested no. president morsi has a lot of proving to do essentially in terms of governing. the white house fully aware president morsi is a member of the muslim brotherhood. there are a lot of questions around the world whether he will play a constructive role in this. the white house used the word partnership with egypt. they are stopping short of calling him an ally perhaps because of the fact they are trying to hold a stick over him. you have got republicans on capitol hill talking in recent
11:05 am
days about cutting off u.s. aid from the u.s. to egypt unless they play a more constructive role. the last 48 hours president morsi has stepped up to the plate. but we don't know if this cease-fire will hold. megyn: it's fascinating to watch this unfold. ed henry, thanks. we have a report today on the deadly consulate attack in libya raising more serious questions about who was behind the administration's changing story and what and who was behind the murder of four americans on 9/11. the national intelligence cleave, the director of national intelligence james clapper is getting the blame from top republicans who say he made blatantly inconsistent statement to them on who changed the cia
11:06 am
talking points on the attack. they sit was al qaeda and somebody changed that talking point. there was testimony late last week from former cia director david petraeus who we are told told the lawmakers the initial documents coming out of the cia was this ambush that killed the four americans in benghazi included the word terrorism and cited al qaeda. but someone changed the language. then we had congressman pete king say they questioned james clapper and all the intel heads on capitol hill about this and they all said we don't know who changed it. we don't know. the pressure is now on for answers because now you have got clapper coming out and saying it was me. but clapper was one of the ones saying i have no idea how it was. that led to intel community chairman mike rogers saying he wants an explanation from clapper himself.
11:07 am
eli lake is a national security reporter. these weren't small players who went before capitol hill. it was clapper, it was the acting director of the cia, the head of the national counter terrorism center. and what pete king told us is they all said we don't know who took died out of the talking points, we don't know who took terrorism out, including clearp. then a report comes out with clapper saying, it was me. >> reporter: i have done some reporting and i can tell you clapper personally des moines change the talking points. as i understand what happened was that initial reports from the cia were it was died and al qaeda linked affiliates lining ansar al-sharia. then, and then what what go out in the classified format.
11:08 am
in terms of the public format they were concerned about getting situation where you are in an investigation and you create potential for a false confirmation. so if you say it's al qaeda and you are not 100% sure within 72 hours or so, at least by their logic they are saying they didn't want to put that out in the public so people wouldn't come back and say i heard it was al qaeda that's points number one. because clearp is the director of national intelligence. he's technically in charge of that process it got garbled. but this was done in the editing process. i heard clearp and his staff will be sharing all the e-mail traffic on the classified traffic with these lawmakers so they can explain this is how it happened. it was not -- what they are saying is it wasn't an example of white house politization.
11:09 am
megyn: clapper has bent center of a lot of questions in this whole thing. as you know. you have been doing great reporting on this. i don't get how he can tell the folks on capitol hill a week ago he has no idea. all these lawmakers say he said i have no idea who changed the talking points. now his office comes out with a statement saying, oh, we do know. they are saying it was the intelligence committee, coming out of the dni's office. mike rogers is not some hothead. the's not --'s pretty measured and he says, i want clapper to come back right away and do to explain the 180 he has now done on this story. >> i think there are a couple things going on. one, the intelligence community itself did not consider ansar al-sharia to be an al qaeda
11:10 am
affiliate or a treat to attack the u.s. mission. right after the attack when they saw it was ansar al-sharia, this was a clear an political mistake from our intelligence community. they did not estimate what ansar al-sharia was capable of. add to that that when you get a ton of an political product that happens to match the political needs of the white house in an election year, the two things are like a centrifugal force. i think it analysts were scratching their heads when they saw susan rice on the sunday talk shows who knew what was going on. they were trying to edit it in a way, at least that what's my sources are telling me. megyn: eli, thank you. we enjoy reading your stuff.
11:11 am
all the best. fox news alert. we confirmed moments ago that illinois congressman jesse jackson jr. has resigned. this is significant. this is significant. he was mired in controversy. he won his seat easily despite barely running for reelection. there was a question about whether he would because there was so much trouble he was facing. right after he wins he resigns. we'll have a live report in moments. as millions of american venture out on one of the busiest travel days of the year -- we are reflecting on a thanksgiving speech nearly 30 years ago. president ronald reagan talks about the most important thingle things americans should be thankful for. his son is here and says a lot of people think that one thing is slipping away. a timely lesson for every
11:12 am
driver. a man sentenced to life in prison for drunk driving and why some believe that punishment does fit the crime. >> how much alcohol have you been drinking today? did you just pee on yourself?
11:13 am
11:14 am
11:15 am
megyn: fox news confirmed i will my congressman jesse jackson is resigning. he ran for reelection and won. and now he has suddenly resigned. mike tobin reports live from our chicago bureau. >> reporter: congressman jackson jr. has been dogged by investigation starting with the blagojevich investigation. that investigation kind of came and went. but what seemed to get
11:16 am
congressman jackson is the investigation into the allegation that he was skimming campaign funds to remodel a house. there was an allegation he bought an expensive watch for a mistress. all of that seems to be come pounded with the fact that since june 10 he has been in and out of the mayo clinic for treatment of bipolar depression. he ran for reelection and won handily base of his name recognition on the southside of chicago. congressman jesse jackson jr. is submitting his resignation to speaker boehner. >> we have many things for which to be thankful, known more important than our liberty. that quality of government. that brightness of minds of
11:17 am
spirit for which our forefathers braved the seas and soldiers have laid down their lives. we are free to worship the almighty as we choose. we are free to speak our minds, to enjoy an unfettered and vigorous press and to make government abide by the limit we deem just. megyn: that was of course president ronald reagan delivering a thanksgiving speech only one thing americans should be most thankful more his view. the right of liberty. a right a growing number of people in this country believe is slipping away. michael reagan is chairman of the reagan group and political consultant and son of the man you just heard. speaking of our right to worship as we choose and to express ourselves.
11:18 am
first amendment freedoms guaranteed in our constitution, our founders believe were endowed to us by tour creator. there is a question about whether americans believe it is slipping away. polls suggest they do. >> they suggest they do because they are. look at story out of santa monica with the nativity scene. it's been there for 60 years. it's not going to be there this year. my father said when we cease to be one nation ungod we'll be a nation gone under. since i listen to that 1985 speech he gave about thanksgiving and liberty and freedom. i think back to 1976 when my father told a convention hall and the world that he had been asked to write a letter to be put into a time capsule to be opened on the 300th anniversary of america. he said what a daunting task to
11:19 am
write to people would know everything about us but we would know nothing about them. he said the one thing i can write about is the freedoms. think about that statement in of itself. will we have those freedoms? i will say the way we are going today we may not. megyn: in researching for this segment. shepard smith has been doing a lot of segments on the loss of privacy and the erosion of our right to have privacy in our own home. there is a bill that would grant warrantless access. and we had a ruling from a court saying you can force a private company to pay for the morning after pill or its employees under the healthcare law even thought it has religious
11:20 am
objections. and the folks who question whether we have the liberty we once had point to issues like that. i have been hearing for years how the right wants to be in your bedroom. you can't get to the bedroom any longer without all these laws that stop you on the way to it because of what we are doing in the america we live in. there is no privacy in anything we do. ask the director of the cia how his e-mails are work out for him. what about his right to privacy or anybody's right to privacy in the world we live in today it's amazing tbleer this kind of position but every time we get a chance to vote, we take away more of our freedoms until the next time. megyn: the people on the exit polling sce asked do you believe government should do more or necessary our society.
11:21 am
63% said government is doing too much. but that's not necessarily consistent with liberty and its erosion. there is an interesting piece suggesting when that guy posted the anti-mohammad video that led to protests in the middle east, forget benghazi -- our government had an opportunity to stands up for freedom of thought and freedom of expression and explain to the world that's what we stand more this country. and the author argues we missed an opportunity to defend liber liberty. >> we miss a lot of opportunities to stands up for america. my father did that. ronald reagan when he died in 2004 america lost a cheerleader. four our freedoms and liberties. what was it my father also said.
11:22 am
freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. megyn: michael, thank you. food for thought as we head into thanksgiving. sierra nevada mou.
11:23 am
11:24 am
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11:26 am
each one is 2 square feet and 15 feet up on the wall. you need climbing equipment and generators. they stole four of those coverings and destroyed two others. temp. they were etched in the walls 3,500 years ago portraying the daily hunting and gathering activities of the indian tribes. the piyutes still use these for
11:27 am
hair ceremonies. -- for their ceremonies. so far none of these have showed up on the black market. they only check out these various sites occasionally so they don't know when they were stolen. someone could have stolen these things weeks ago and we are just now finding out about it. megyn: what a shame, trace, thanks. recent backlash by comments marco rubio. when he tried to bridge the gap between science and faith. the debate between what cower school books tell us and what our faith tells us. all across the country travelers are trying to make it home for thanksgiving. but will the weather cooperate? janice dean standing by with the latest from the sky.
11:28 am
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megyn: a series of storms hitting a part of the country on one of the busiest travel days of the year. meteorologist janice dean live
11:32 am
in the fox weather center with the update. >> reporter: we have travel delays along the northwest. and we had fog causing delays in chicago and st. louis. you can see storm after storm kind of moving into this region, continuing across the rockies. that will be the scenario throughout the day today and into the weekend. but the rest of the country quite quite. you can see the future radar storm system poised to move in friday and saturday. here are your airport delays. still look at excessive delays. significant delays. the northeast looks good though we are starting to see delays for the new york city area as well as newark. so just call ahead if you are traveling, that's always a good idea. your thanksgiving day. here is our turkey. 51 in new york for the parade.
11:33 am
there is another turkey it was supposed to make noise, though. megyn: it's got the right idea. run, run. don't you find it sick that we celebrate thanksgiving by showing the turkey and celebrating these live cute little turkeys and we all know what's going to happen to the turkey. >> reporter: you just ruined it for me. megyn: it's a little sick. >> reporter: these turkeys are safe here is what i would like. tomorrow instead of that crawl we typically see that gives us the news. how about turkeys all day long. turkeys we won't eat. i'm going to have a non-turkey feast base of that. megyn: i'm going to eat the turkey but i'm going to feel bad about it and that's what makes me a good person. >> reporter: i'm thankful for a lot of things. i'm thankful for you. megyn: see you soon.
11:34 am
florida senator marco rubio was asked about the age of the earth and the senator and presidential hope filth many believed answered in part quote. i'm not a scientist, man. i don't think i'm qualified to answer a question like that. at the end of the day there are multiple theories how the universe was created and this is a country where people should have the opportunities to teach them all. parents should have the opportunities to teach their kids what their faith says and what science says. it's one of the great mysteries. well, since then there has been plenty of criticism of senator rubio and his answer. joining me now to discuss it, the rabbi, the priest walk into the bar jokes. father jonathon morris, a fox
11:35 am
news religion contributor and alan colmes. some folks on the left wing blog say there is a reality and he missed his opportunities to just admit the reality as opposed to trying to hedge. he's a catholic, father jonathon. >> i'm not off within the liberal left wing blogs. he needs to learning how to answer this question. the answer would be simple. the bible is not a science or genealogy book, it's not a medical journal. it's about humanity, life and salvation. this is not a question between theology and scientists as if they were opposed. but i go to science to find out about science and i go to my faith which in his case the catholic faith says nothing against nose science books. megyn: then why do we have an on going debates. >> there is a small percentage
11:36 am
in america that when the bible talks about genealogy. that means the is only,000 years old. not true. why? because science is not opposed to faith and science is very clear about this. megyn: science says the earth is 4.5 billion years old. i wish i could have said i knew that yesterday but i didn't until the story came up. i thought it was billions but i wasn't sure. 4.5 billion. there you have it, senator rubio. but he seemed to be trying to walk align without trying to offend people of faith. >> traditional thinking -- a lot of stuff -- but there are a lot of americans for whom our answer doesn't work. i think what he was trying to do inelegantly was honor twro two systems, both faith and science. both of which are sacred to
11:37 am
hundreds of millions of people. so i think what he's trying to hold together is what often gets splits apart. often times the science people wanting to admit the truth, admit the faith doesn't inform anything about how we know the world. and certain people are so tentative in their faith, they need everything to conform to it all the time. what he was trying to do was reminds people when it comes to faith and the country it's like a hammer and saw building a house. you need them both to get the building built and you probably shouldn't substitute one for the other. megyn: what do you believe in terms of when the was created. and how god played a role. >> for me it's clear. the earth is not 6,000 years old. the people of faith get into this game and wants to prove that science is wrong. really they need to check their
11:38 am
own faith. do i believe gods is infinitely involved in the unfolding of the universe? i do. can i prove that? of course not. there are two different ways of knowing the world and we know them both. science is great in understanding how things came to be and faith helps us understand why they came to be and waits means once it happens. megyn: alan colmes, the universe is 14.5 billion. >> i night wasn't 9,000. rubio set with brown and he says it's 9,000 years old. there is no discord between science and faith here. he didn't have to -- it sounded like he was trying to appease those who are anti-science.
11:39 am
if he were asked do you believe in evolution we say, i'm not a scientist, man. he seems afraid to offends everybody. which is a political answer but not a smart answer. megyn: 50% of people believe in creationism. >> that's where the confusion comes in. i believe in creation. when you say god created the heavens and the earth. but he could also have used very natural scientific means. including evolution. megyn: did he create the amoeba. >> the real difference between the faith based and science based. suggesting they are the same, they are not. science progresses when it learns it's wrong. scientists love finding out they are wrong. that's how they grow.
11:40 am
faith-based answers don't ever wants to know they are wrong. that's why do i believe people should learn these creation stories i actually do. but here is the difference. science-based creation stories should be taught in science classrooms. megyn: but what you senator rubio who may want to be our presidents. do you believe we had a god who did it in 7 days and earth is 9,000 years old? he's a roman catholic and he should have no fear whatsoever of saying i believe god created heaven and earth. how of did that, i'm not exactly sure. but i do trust scientists to talk to us about science. megyn: are you endorsing intelligent design, that the earth has been around for 4.5 billion but got created the amoeba? >> intelligent design is a specific scientific method i
11:41 am
wouldn't endorse because i'm not a scientist. >> you won't gets an evengoersment that way. it's not what he believes or doesn't believe it's our way as a country are we ready to have leaders who try to respects both the claims of science and the claims of faith. >> romney tried to appease whatever group he was talking to. here is rubio with his eyes on higher political office and is afraid to say anything that would offend any political group. megyn: i think it's interesting it appears he has taken a page directly out of obama's book. this is president obama. i believe in evolution. i don't think that's i am compatible with christian faith.
11:42 am
i don't think science is i am come patsible in christian faith. i think it's something we get too bogged down in. >> but obama never said he's open to the possibility the earth was created in 7 days. >> the difference is important. marco rubio can say there are mysteries i don't understand, about it doesn't mean i can say here is one scientific theory that is very, very sure. another one that is very unsure. therefore they are of the exact same weights. you can say there is a mystery, i respect science is science and faith is faith and they are not contradictory. megyn: i'm not sure what i'm supposed to say on this issue as a catholic. we are taking your thoughts on it. follow me on twitter @megynkelly. a timely lesson for every motors rift. a dwi lands this man in prison
11:43 am
for life. >> subsequent blood tests showed his floods alcohol was .446. he was 5 1/2 type the legal limit in texas.
11:44 am
11:45 am
11:46 am
megyn: fox news alert. we are getting pictures from gaza we are told of a celebration of the cease-fire. but while they are celebrating our own leland vittert reports seeing multiple rocket launches since the start of the cease-fire. all those rockets targeting israeli cities. he says he sees jets in the air but no retaliatory air strikes yet. as we get more we'll bring it to you. "kelly's court" is back in session. on the docket today a timely lesson for everyone ahead of the thanksgiving holiday.
11:47 am
a man sentenced to life in prison for driving drunk. this is the most recent mugshot. he was pulled over in texas on dwi charges back in february. >> how much alcohol have you been drinking today? did you just pee on yourself? he ended up getting convicted of dwi for -- he had been convicted of felony dwi four times, and three times a misdemeanor. a jury decided to take him off the road for good and sentencing him to life behind bars. prosecutors say he was given enough chances to turn his life around. >> you will see an individual who had multiple opportunities, was given chances to get rehabilitation services, alcohol treatment, you name it. megyn: does the punishment fit the crime?
11:48 am
arthur aidala and jonna spilbor. jonna, you have a role in this case, yes? >> not in this particular case. in a similar case. in this case nobody was hurt, megyn. we have a guy with multiple dwi offenses but he didn't seriously injured or kill anyone, yet we are going to put him in prison for the rest of his life. i have a problem putting alcoholics behind bars for life. megyn: this is sounds bite number 6. listen to the chief felony prosecutor. >> the question is do you have to wait until he actually has a body before i take him off the streets permanently or do you take him off the streets now and save son's life? and the jury decided it was time for him to go. megyn: why shouldn't the citizens in which he was together felony drunk driving have the say. >> they do. and that's the argument.
11:49 am
of course, what you reported -- 7 arrests. even if it's three arrests -- megyn: according to the counts criminal district attorney, he had 3 misdemeanor dwi and four felony dwi arrests. >> how could any rational, reasonable, logical citizen disagree with what the chief prosecutor said? if he strike sos one with the vehicle on the 9th time and kills them like the case miss spilbor is involved in, kills a 15-year-old girl. a tragedy for all of these families. why not do it now? life is a heavy sentence. do you put someone who is an alcoholic in the same category as a charles manson? megyn: they tried to give him break after break and awasn't
11:50 am
able to turn it around. and as sad as that is, should the citizens of the communities have to live with the risk? >> we know that this guy was a serious alcoholic. how do we flow that? he was driving with a .44. if me or you had a .44 blood alcohol level we could be dead. only reason he could function is because his body is used to it. >> he urinated on himself in front of the police officers. megyn: come on, arthur, i have been out with you a few times. i'm only kidding. >> we can take him off the road without locking him up. >> they have been unsuccessful in doing so. >> he had a valid driver's license when he was pulled over. megyn: a driver's license isn't going to stop him. megyn: there is no way he did. megyn>> why don't we start withe
11:51 am
years, 10 years, not life. megyn: happy thanksgiving. don't drink and drive. we'll be right back. ould have bn
11:52 am
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shredder, a $29 value, free! call or go online now. [♪...] megyn: pickup games seem to be a thing of the past for kids in america as they get involved in the world of competitive sports at younger and younger ages at a growing cost to their parents. >> reporter: remember when it was about kids having fun? the change has been gradual. first it was just the final game of the little league world series being televised. now you can watch all of them pretty much any time you want. the drive to push the kids into the spotlight at younger ages is
11:55 am
a having a big influence and parents, coaches and kids. the university of washington accepted a commitment from a boy who is 12 years old. there are now national basketball tournaments with paying sponsors and paid coaches for 8-year-olds. junior golfers as young as 6 are ountry. the pressure to win has never been higher. >> in any other situation in life we wouldn't be looking to have kids give us any kind of a commitment. why in god's name if you are the ncaa or you are an institution of higher learning would you allow that. it's disgraceful. youth sports is a $5 billion industry. parents are shelling out $300 for a baseball bat. $10,000 for a select volleyball
11:56 am
or premiere travel soccer team. in some cases parents are being told their kids does not specialize by the time he or she is 12 they can kiss the college scholarship or college contract good-bye. many in the business are unhappy about this trend. >> if you are here for the money this is the wrong place for you. there are people taking money from kids because they see it as an opportunity. >> reporter: and of course the kids are burning out earlier and quitting sports all together. which defeats the purpose of getting kids involved in sports in the first place. megyn: i'm reserving judgment since my kids are only 3 and a year and a half. and my producer says i will be one of these people very soon. up next. a cease-fire announced in the gaza crisis. we'll have an update.
11:57 am
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